What Is Intralinks

What Is Intralinks

In the process of developing new products, the issues of organizing the procedures for passing, agreeing, approving, making changes, and transferring design and technological documentation to the technical documentation department become especially relevant. But what is Intralinks?

How to Set Up Intralinks with Azure AD?

The market today rigidly dictates the lead time for an order for a product – they are measured not in months, but in weeks and even days. It is impossible to quickly develop and prepare products for production without the use of modern computer-aided design systems and effective organization of the work of a team of developers and technologists. What is Intralinks?

Intralinks’s contract legal analysis platform is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology and is focused on speeding up the contract review process, identifying potentially complementary transactions, and providing critical information. And all this is in the format of a convenient and intuitive portal.

Additional benefits of an expanded Intralinks alliance include:

  • Shortening the time frame for due diligence.
  • Increasing the pace and efficiency of integration processes.
  • Protecting sensitive and confidential information.
  • Adding Intralinks from the collection.

To set up Intralinks integration with Azure AD, you need to add Intralinks from the gallery to the list of SaaS Managed Applications:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with your personal Microsoft account or work or school account.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, select the Azure Active Directory service.
  3. Go to the Enterprise Apps column and select All Apps.
  4. To add a new app, select New app.
  5. In the Add from Collection section, in the search box, enter Intralinks.
  6. Select Intralinks in the results pane and add this app. Wait a few seconds for the app to be added to your client.

Protecting the collected data with Intralinks on cyberattacks and leaks is lower in the list of responsibilities, but this does not detract from the importance of this point. Prior to the adoption of the GDRP, due to the potentially hefty fines imposed in connection with data breaches, this requirement was the main focus of the public’s attention. Previously adopted legislative acts did not have much force, while the GDPR can be called a truly formidable “whip”. Perhaps, now the desire to avoid being hit by this whip is becoming a kind of “carrot” for organizations.

The Essence of the Electronic Communications Reports in Intralinks

Pros of electronic communications reports in Intralinks are:

  • Significant time savings. Queues are a thing of the past. Formation of electronic reporting and its submission takes place on your computer or online, without reference to the workplace.
  • The convenience of archiving. You no longer have to store paper documents for years. Everything will be stored in the memory of the service.
  • Minimization of the risk of errors. The modern editor contains the latest report forms; errors and inaccuracies are reported.

However, problems often arise in the interaction between developers related to the synchronization of the changes they make to the product. If the elaboration of different variants of a part does not cause difficulties, then the construction of the final version, in which the best solutions from each trial version must be taken into account, requires re-entering the data, which means that the probability of errors increases, as well as the design time.

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